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Shady Hills

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Shady Hills Vineyard

You and your friends are on a wine tour here in Hill Country, when y’all sneak away to investigate rumors of the winery’s success. You take a wrong turn and find yourself locked in the janitor’s closet! You have 60 minutes to ESCAPE back into the tasting room & meet back up with the group before anyone notices you’re missing!

book now   2 to 6 Players   $29 per person

Heart of Texas

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The Heart of Texas

The best people to steal from are other thieves. The problem is, they know how to hide their treasures. You’ve heard a new gang has arrived in town, the Wild Doggies, who have been bragging about their latest caper: they’ve clipped the Heart of Texas. It’s shiny, bright, and worth a fortune! You and your gang have staked their hideout and just know the Heart of Texas is hidden deep in their lair. While the Wild Doggies are on another job, you and your crew have just 60 minutes to get in, grab the Heart of Texas, and escape before they return.

book now   2 to 8 Players   $29 per person


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This game separates players into two groups and both groups must work together to escape. Your dance troupe has finally made it to Oktoberfest! With rooms hard to find in town, you were lucky to have the owner of a B&B call to offer you rooms when they heard you were the headliner. You’ve separated into two groups to get dressed for the big show. As soon as you enter the dressing rooms, you hear the doors shut and the click of the locks! The check-in deadline is an hour from now, so you only have 60 minutes to ESCAPE the room and make it to the festival on time.

Book Now   4 to 10 Players   $29 per person

Build fun memories with your friends, family, or colleagues through challenging escape games that build upon teamwork and cohesion.

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