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Hill Country Escape is Fredericksburg’s live action escape game!! It is a fun and immersive game for small groups of 2 to 10 people. Your goal: work together as a team and test your wits and skills to escape from a locked room. While the goal is simple, the game is challenging. Escaping will require finding clues, solving puzzles, and teamwork.

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We are local & family-owned.

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Sharon Reinhard October 13, 2021

We did the Heart of Texas room. We loved the challenge and the twists we found playing this game. It really made us think. Thank you for the fun! The owners are amazing!!!

Sharon Reinhard October 13, 2021

Had a great experience. Marcus, the owner made it so fun and enjoyable before, during and after we completed the challenge. We did the vineyard room and it was very challenging. Would recommend highly!

Matt Olson October 13, 2021

Great time great room we had a blast!!!!!

Rachel Butler October 13, 2021

Excellent! Our 3 teens loved it - thank you for making their first escape so much fun.

Norma Crawford October 13, 2021

This was a great escape. Very clean and the staff was friendly.

Santos Baiza October 13, 2021

We had a great time, the host and hostess had a great personality which made our experience that much more enjoyable. Keep up the great work that you are doing. We will definitely recommend this escape room to our friends. Thanks.

Allison Page October 13, 2021

We love coming to Hill Country Escape! Thank you for providing a fun, wholesome outing for a bunch of young ladies!

Royce Choate October 13, 2021

This is the second time I have taken my wife and a select group of friends to Hill Country Escape for her birthday. Next year will probably be the third time 🙂. Yes, it's that incredible! We took a couple of people who were with us last time, but most were 1st timers. Everyone of them enjoyed themselves immensely. We ranged in age from 10 to 69. We booked two rooms, Shady Hills Vineyard and Octoberfest, and one group made it out on time. (I was in the other group. 😔) Everyone had a great time, and each of them started lobbying for an invitation for next year. They ask for advice on how to make it even better. Okay, here's your advice: Clone Angela about ten times. The woman is incredible! She is half the reason that Hill Country Escape is one of the most enjoyable places in the world. If you're saying, "Someday"...., quit that! Say today and go on their website and book an adventure now.

Sally Lara October 13, 2021

"We had so much fun this evening for my daughters 13th birthday. We did the medium difficulty room. Yes, it is a challenge and you do have to think outside the box but way worth it. We will be returning soon!
Thank you for the experience of an escape room here in the Hill Country. I will make sure we get the word out to others."

Sara Sexton October 13, 2021

We had a fantastic time! Thanks again for the amazing time!

Ben Hardin October 13, 2021

This was definitely one of the better escape rooms we've done! Some clever tricks and a great mix of physical and mental puzzles. We'll definitely try the other rooms next time we visit town!

Denise Boyle October 13, 2021

This was a great experience!!! Our group of 6 went in as a hot mess but managed to find the clue with just minutes to spare! The owner was wonderful a d actually taught us a lot we didn’t know about Fredericksburg before we went into the game. Very interesting! We all definitely enjoyed it!!

Fowlan Allen October 13, 2021

You guys are awesome and hilarious! We found your Pic btw! Have fun making peach jam!

Carly Tumlinson October 13, 2021

We had a great time! We will definitely be back.

Jennifer Overstreet October 13, 2021

We have been to several different escape rooms and Hill Country Escape is our favorite! We can't wait until they get new rooms for us to try!

Carolyn Murrell October 13, 2021

This was such a fun time I will definitely do it again

Jake Medina October 13, 2021

We had the BEST time in the Shady Hills Vineyard room! We've done a few escape rooms and this one was by far the most fun & well planned! The ladies at the front were so sweet, helpful & welcoming, we can't wait to return during our next trip to Fredericksburg!

Linda Feldman October 13, 2021

Our fist time and really enjoyed the experience. The clues were appreciated.....

Carol Schoenig October 13, 2021

We had a terrific time.....thanks so much for ALL the extra input

Daphne Davis October 13, 2021

We had a great time and the owner was wonderful. We did the Heart of Texas room. It was challenging, but not too difficult. Our 11 and 14 year old did great in it as well. We've visited about 5 different escape rooms in different areas and this has been our favorite one.

Monica Havner October 13, 2021

This was my first escape room and it was a wonderful experience! Highly recommend! Thank you!

Ruth Castillo October 13, 2021

Just a great way to celebrate Mom’s 75th! Pretty tough, yet fun! Great hosts!

Missy Rice October 13, 2021

We had a blast and the staff was SO friendly and amazing! Definitely recommend for any group or family.

Sharon Smith October 13, 2021

"This was a fantastic experience! Highly recommended!
We will be back 😁"

Michael Greenhalgh October 13, 2021

Great fun! It was challenging. Thanks

Greg Pare October 13, 2021

Nice that the owner was present. Clean facility, great puzzles, great clues and good game flow! Would definitely recommend for first time escape room players as well as experienced gamers!

Jamie Tomczyk October 13, 2021

I had family visiting from out of town and this was the perfect place to bring them to have some fun during this cold spell.

Annette Walsh October 13, 2021

We did the “Heart of Texas” escape room with a group of 4 ladies and had a blast!! Highly recommend this!!

Michael Stuart October 13, 2021

First timers to experience Hill Country Escape! Friendly staff, clean amenities. This is a neat experience that we will do again! Love it!

Nate Hair October 13, 2021

So much fun!!! We are definitely hooked on escape rooms now. Thank you!!!

Kristen Royder October 13, 2021

This was my 2nd visit to Hill Country Escape and it was great fun once again! Can’t wait to do the last room!

Melissa Vincent LeBlanc May 13, 2021

We had lots of fun! Marcus helped make the experience the best it could be. Lots of creative twists and turns!!

Amy M October 20, 2017

We loved it! Our Peachy Teachy group had a great time at Hill Country Escape and even dominated in the Shady Hill Vineyard escape room, making it to the top of the leader board! The staff was great and offered a challenging experience for us! We can't wait to come back next October when we visit Fredericksburg again.

Donna L Weiser Procter October 9, 2017

OMG,! The escape room experience is totally something everyone should try. It was so much fun, the service was awesome. The rooms were challenging, the clues were tricky and you really had to think out of the box. It is really a great adventure to share with your friends.. Thanks Hill Country Escape for making our experience so much fun.

Bucs Fredericksburg October 8, 2017

Great time! Awesome experience and friendly staff!

Trish Mikla September 8, 2017

We have complete 2 of their rooms and have enjoyed every second of it! I've done quite a few escape rooms and was super excited to see this one in Fburg! My boyfriend is a newbie and is now hooked! We can't wait to grab a few more people to try the Oktoberfest room. Not to mention the staff has been sweet every time, and even admitted they were cheering for us while watching the monitors. Thank you!

Nikki J Burchett August 13, 2017

So much fun!! In my group of 4, none of us had ever done this before so we didn't know what to expect. The staff explained everything and we had such a great time! We will definitely be back to do the two other games!!! A blast!!

Beth Valley Bayliss July 29, 2017

So much fun, can't wait to escape from all the other games!

Jeremy Williams July 24, 2017

Had a ton of fun! Went with 4 people but you can do up to 8 I think. Must do activity

Kelli Newman June 11, 2017

We did Shady Hills Vinyard. Loved it. Had two kids (10, 12), and it was perfect.

Crystal Swaim June 9, 2017

We had such a great time on the Shade Valley escape! The clues were so amazing and made us think. It was a perfect event for our mini getaway. My daughter and I will both remember this as our first escape room challenge for a long time and you have made us into real fans! Can't wait to tryout again!

Kristen Clary June 6, 2017

As a semi-experienced room escapee... this one was pretty cool. The heart of Texas... what a great theme and back story. I'm glad to say that our group of six were pretty sweet and we were able to break in, steal the heart of Texas, and escape with our lives with 10 minutes to spare! Number 3 on leader board so far! The gamemaster was such a great guy and owner is really sweet. Definitely returning for the other two themes and telling all my friends about such a great experience, as well as all of the guests at my hotel! 🙂

Sierra Gullette May 13, 2017

Awesome escape room!! We've done so many but this definitely ranks in the top 3. We hold the record for fastest time in Heart of Texas. We will most definitely be back again. Can't wait til Oktoberfest opens!

Konnie Patke April 27, 2017

This is so much fun. I truly enjoyed working with new people to find solutions. My only suggestion is let people know if you can go backwards or not.